the binary experience

the binary experience - new faces of 0 and 1

Are we experiencing the withdrawal of sensory experiences in our increasing technological world?

Is tactility lost in the current industrial mass production of visual imagery?

And how does this affect our relationship with fashion, fabrics or haptics?


The concept the binary experience aims to forefront such questions with a dominant element of our time: the binary code. It is the origin of our digital environment and changed our present-day sensual experiences. Translated into a pattern it is the starting point for various fabric manipulations that run as a structure through the whole collection.


Virtual worlds are focused on seeing and hearing, teasing them to the point of "sensory burn-out". While the boundaries of these senses are blasted by virtual delusions, tactility has been neglected. After all, it is an important component of our primal instincts and the measure of our experience.


Based on these thoughts, and some previous practical working methods, the binary code is lasered, woven, pressed, embroidered and printed on natural – organic materials. The different techniques become diverse surfaces and visual figures embracing the human body.


The pattern is not randomly chosen or generated by algorithms, but consists of sentences translated into binary code from the book "The Eyes of the Skin" by Juhani Pallasmaa. His theses on architecture in interaction with our senses were the impetus for the whole concept.


The first realisation of this approach was made for women creating minimalistic and timeless shapes. They are based on the human body and its movements. This collection will be further developed and expanded.


Sebastian Kapfhammer


Valerie Maltseva


Sarah Bzoch